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How to dress for a Photoshoot | Pittsburgh & Washington PA Portrait Photographer

One of the most frequent questions I get is “How to dress for a photoshoot?” There is no simple answer to that question, but I have put together some guidelines to help make the decision process easier.

Decide on a style

Choose the style you want to coordinate into your photos. Do you want something formal, casual, or something in between?


Color Choices

When planning to display your photos, try to choose colors to compliment your home

senior girl

Consider your Location

When going to the park stay away from green tones which may cause you to blend into the background. The goal is to stand out from the background. Instead choose colors to compliment the background. Wear yellow or orange tones instead of green

running toddler

Avoid Fluorescents

Fluorescents produce color casts on the skin. Instead, I recommend more muted tones or primary colors

blonde boy blue shirt

Coordinate your colors, but do not match

Matching everyone in the same color looks awkward and flat. Choose 2-3 main colors and coordinate based on that palate

maternity couple

Wear clothes to fit

Too loosely fitting clothing will not compliment a body shape. Loose clothing will add bulk and look sloppy. Choose clothes to fit or even a size smaller than you would normally wear to give a tailored look

how to dress

Dress to flatter your body

If you are someone who does not like your legs, then avoid wearing clothes that show the legs

senior sitting position

Dress for the weather if your location is outdoors

When in doubt bring multiple outfits or something that may be layered

country side senior

Show your personality

Generally, photos are kept for many years. If you are someone who always wears jeans then a three piece suit may not be for you. A button up or polo shirt with a pair of casual dress pants may be more characteristic of you.

senior sports photos

Add layers and Accessories

Layers add depth and generally compliments model and the the look of the photos. Adding a vest over a shirt for men/boys a good choice. For women one option is adding a belt, and wearing a necklace is a nice touch.

senior in the park

Don’t forget to dress the lower half 

When wearing socks use dark colors, such as black. White or colored socks stick out and become a distraction

senior boy dressed relaxed

Add in props

A boy playing baseball might want to bring his mitt, or a girl learning the violin can incorporate it into the photo to add personality

seniors sports with ball

Bring additional outfits

Additional outfits add diversity and interest to your photos

maternity headshot

maternity photo purple dress

I hope these tips take some of the difficulty out of the decision making process. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to ask.

Brandy Miller of Miller Photography & Design is a Pittsburgh & Washington PA  Portrait Photographer. Miller Photography & Design specializes in photographing seniors, maternity, engagements, and children. To see more of Brandy’s work visit  or visit her Facebook page may contact Brandy at







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